Healing the Wounds

Faith Alive began as the vision of one man, Dr Chris Isichei, to follow his calling of service to humanity through healing in 1996. 20150123-{Obla}-105

He began by renting a 4-bedroom apartment where he gave free medical treatment and counseling services.  Today they operate out of a world class 3-storey hospital complex with over 100 staff providing free medical services to thousands every year._W4A4156

MCC Nigeria’s relationship with Faith Alive began with a six-month service assignment by MCCers Drs. Nathan and Rochele Beachy in 2003.  Since that beginning MCC has continued to support Faith Alive with financial grants and service workers who assist in the vision of healing holistically meeting the needs of the many hopeless who walk through their doors.  The giving and receiving is mutual at many levels._W4A0321

The stories of profound impact on the lives of people through the services of committed Faith Alive staff would fill volumes if they were written down.  Immaculate is a young woman who came with her mother to Jos, escaping the Boko Haram instigated violence in Yobe State.20150123-{Obla}-15  Her mother was dying from HIV/AIDs so they eventually found their way to Faith Alive.  Unfortunately her mother could not be saved but Faith Alive embraced Immaculate and enrolled her in MCC supported sewing classes so she could learn a trade to support herself.20150123-{Obla}-197 20150123-{Obla}-193

Rotimi Johnson has been “brought up” in Faith Alive providing leadership and skills to the hospital laboratory.  He is the one giving vision for the creation of a “for profit” world class lab that Faith Alive is building in order to address the need for sustainability in a world of declining funding.20150123-{Obla}-153

There is no doubt to anyone walking through the doors of Faith Alive that at their core is a faith in Jesus Christ as the master healer and giver of hope.20150123-{Obla}-101


— Dave Klassen, January 2015

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  1. Ronald Mathies says:


    Safe journey to Canada — hope to connect with you here.


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